Commit Conf

CommitConf 2018, November 23-24, 2018, Madrid, Spain

November 22 – November 23, 2019

Madrid, Spain

Commit is a 2-day developers' conference where technologists get together to discuss different approaches to developing and managing software.

Conference organizers promise plenty of opportunities to share and learn about all things IT, an opportunity to break your routine and experience something new ... and foosball, a retro arcade, and a hobbit-sized Jenga game.

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Featured Presentation

Micronaut & GraalVM: A Perfect Combination

Presented by Iván López

Micronaut is a reflection-free app-development framework that uses ahead-of-time (AoT) compilation to precompute everything in the application, paving the way for lightning-fast startup times and significantly reduced memory consumption.

GraalVM is a new universal virtual machine from Oracle that supports a polyglot runtime environment. GraalVM can compile Java applications down to native machine code, making it an ideal partner for Micronaut.

In this talk you'll learn how to integrate Micronaut and GraalVM to take advantage of GraalVM's powerful capabilities and see first-hand how the integration of both frameworks works.

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