Data Engineer

If you are motivated by the challenge of building elegant solutions for very complex projects, we really want to meet you!

Data Engineer

We are searching for three full-time Data Engineers to support clients' use of the Google Cloud Platform, with an emphasis on supporting analytics and data science.


  • Assist with data collection and optimization of storage approaches
  • Provide support for scalable batch or real-time data processing for discovery and model creation
  • Implement scalable APIs for utilizing analytics results (e.g., utilizing models produced)
  • Collaborate with data scientists and help them evaluate the computation/data requirements for discovery and the deployed solution
  • Design, build, operationalize, and scale some of the largest data pipelines in the world
  • Advise on and manage big data infrastructure
  • Architect and develop data ingestion pipelines
  • Develop proofs of concept with emerging technologies
  • Assist with data preparation


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related technical field
  • 3 years of experience as a Software Engineer or closely related position
  • 3 years of of experience with the following:
    • Designing, integrating, and optimizing distributed data-processing pipelines
    • Utilizing database technologies, including: SQL and No-SQL (e.g., Hadoop, Splunk, Spark, Samza, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Sqlite, Neo4j, Apache Giraph), within a cloud environment
    • Writing data processing code in Go, Java, Python, Scala, or other high-performance languages
    • Using distributed and fault-tolerant computing and map/reduce processing techniques
    • Utilizing Linux/UNIX systems
    • Systems-level debugging
    • Building REST APIs for analytics services
    • Working with or in support of multiple open source communities
    • Optimizing critical components in applications for efficiency using C or C++
    • Utilizing cloud deployment and virtualization and containerization technologies (e.g, Docker, Ansible, Terraform and Vagrant)
  • 1 year of experience with the following:
    • Machine learning libraries, such as Google CloudML, DataFlow, DataLab, TensorFlow, SciKit Learn, Mahout, and MLib
    • Optimizing advanced SQL queries
    • Working in an agile environment with SCRUM and PODS


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Competitive salary plus benefits


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