Case Study: Scaling Up with Grails


Grails Shortens Development Cycles and Accelerates Speed to Market for Engineering Team

When assigned a complex development initiative on a tight deadline, a software engineering team exceeded expectations with regard to both timeline and budget by partnering with us and building the application with Grails – the Open Source web development framework developed and sponsored by OCI.

The Client

Transitional Data Services (TDS) provides Fortune 100 companies around the globe industry-leading data center relocation software and services.

The Challenge

Data center relocation can be an organization’s most complex and challenging endeavor. With mission-critical information and high-stakes investments on the line, missing any key step may cost an organization thousands – even millions – of dollars in lost productivity and revenue.

TDS had always relied heavily on spreadsheets to manage relocations, but when faced with explosive growth, the company recognized the need for a more scalable application that could accommodate multiple users and support simultaneous workflows.

TDS’s software engineering team was given 6 weeks and $6,000 to build a prototype. The team needed a framework that allowed for rapid development, and they couldn’t spend valuable time getting up to speed with a whole new set of tools.


TransitionManager®, which was built in fewer than 6 weeks using the Grails framework, is used by 70% of Fortune 100 companies.

The Solution

"We evaluated a number of frameworks, including PHP, Rails, Grails ..." said John Martin, Director of Software Engineering at TDS. "Ultimately, we selected Grails because it automated so much of the boilerplate code that would need to be written for a Java application."

After 6 weeks and for less than $6,000, the TDS team not only built a working prototype, the Grails framework accelerated their productivity so significantly that they were ready to ship a production-ready application.

Business Outcomes

By selecting and utilizing Grails, TDS experienced shortened development cycles and accelerated speed to market.

Partnering with OCI also gave TDS the added benefit of direct access to the team of architects and engineers who created the Grails framework and have spent their careers supporting and maturing it.