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“The Industrial Internet of Things will transform many industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, agriculture, mining, transportation, and healthcare. Collectively, these account for nearly two-thirds of the world economy.”

World Economic Forum, Industrial Internet of Things Report

Smarter Commercial Products

We provide secure, scalable, and interoperable support from edge to enterprise. Utilizing our IIoT capabilities, we can help you accelerate growth, increase productivity, expedite decision making, and differentiate your products. 


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Data Collection


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We're proud to have earned the Internet of Things (IoT) Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Program

IoT Partner Specialization

By earning the IoT Partner Specialization, we have proven our expertise and success in building customer solutions in the IoT field using Google Cloud Platform technology.

The IoT Specialization is reserved for partners that have demonstrated the ability to connect, process, store, and analyze device data, both at the edge and in the cloud, to drive new business value.

A large, internationally-recognized HVAC client desired to offer its customers, maintenance providers, and equipment manufacturers a one-stop digital portal to monitor and remedy the performance of their commercial HVAC equipment.

We provided end-to-end software engineering services by architecting and building a secure platform that fulfilled our client’s needs and enabled the company to serve all parties more effectively.

Infuse Your Operations With Intelligence

We empower you with scalable, integrated AI capabilities that accelerate your speed to market and profitability.

Enterprise-Scale Machine Learning

We model and train your custom, unstructured data.

Custom Predictive Solutions

Experience continuous feedback and learning loops.

Image Analysis at Enterprise Scale

Gain actionable findings through ML image analysis at scale.

Real-time Video Analysis

Retrieve relevant information from your video footage in real time.

“The number of connected industrial devices will reach 20.8 billion by 2020.”


Case Study: Rugged and Reliable IoT Device Integration

The integration of diverse vehicle components – whether the vehicle is for consumer, commercial, or military use – is one example of the powerful and versatile IoT edge solutions developed by Object Computing.

In this case study, we outline how our team collaborated with a United States defense contractor to build a system that distributes data and control throughout combat vehicles, with a focus on achieving maximum performance and scalability while remaining cognizant of security constraints.

Case Study:
Diagnosing Crop Disease With Machine Learning

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An agricultural biotechnology company needed a way to accurately diagnose crop disease in order to provide customized, environmentally friendly solutions to its community of farmers.

We helped the client build an app that uses cloud vision and machine learning to diagnose crop disease and supply targeted treatment recommendations in near real time.

Case Study:
Data Distribution Strategy for Military Combat Vehicles

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U.S. military engagements often require maximum endurance in rugged, environmentally hostile environments characterized by extreme temperatures, restrictive terrain, and unpredictable impediments.

We architected and delivered a powerful technology infrastructure that withstands rigorous conditions, allowing soldiers to count on uninterrupted operation of mission-critical systems under fire.