Build a Better API With GORM & GraphQL

On-Demand Webinar


GraphQL is an exceptional technology that allows APIs to be more efficient and expressive. GORM is the object relational mapper used by Grails that enables developers to interact with both relational and document databases through the declaration of simple Groovy classes.

This webinar will discuss in depth a new GORM extension and Grails plugin that combine these two great technologies and increase developer productivity.


  • Understand at a basic level what benefits come from leveraging GraphQL in your applications
  • Learn what the GORM-GraphQL library provides out of the box
  • Develop the tools and knowledge necessary to explore the technology further


The following topics will be covered:

  • GORM Introduction
  • GraphQL Introduction
  • Comparison of GraphQL vs REST
  • GORM-GraphQL Features
  • GORM-GraphQL Customizations
  • GORM-GraphQL Testing


A basic knowledge of GORM is helpful, but not required. 

Intended Audience

This webinar is an excellent learning opportunity for developers looking to improve the efficiency and expressiveness of their APIs.

This webinar was presented on March 9, 2018.

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