Groovy & Grails Boot Camp

Maximize Your Developers’ Productivity: 3-Day Groovy & Grails Boot Camp Delivered by Grails Co-Founder Jeff Scott Brown

Only 500 per day

*Price includes validated parking, continental breakfast, and refreshments.

For this in-depth Groovy and Grails overview course, students (with minimum prerequisites) will develop a sophisticated understanding of the Grails development toolset, as well as the Groovy language. 

This three day intensive workshop presents Grails 3 in-depth. The experience is designed to quickly get developers maximizing their productivity with the Grails framework, enabling them to build a wide variety of application types. These application types include but are not limited to: traditional web apps, RESTful applications, and JavaScript enabled Single Page Applications (SPA). 


3 days (18 hours)


Developers interested in building JVM web applications including traditional browser based web applications, RESTful applications and JavaScript enabled Single Page Applications.


A basic understanding of the Java Virtual Machine and a very high level understanding of how web applications work in general. No particular expertise with Groovy or Grails is required.

Course Objectives

By the end of the training students will have a sophisticated understanding of all of the following:

The Grails development tools
Building web applications
Leverage the power and flexibility of GORM
Building RESTful applications
Modularizing applications with plugins
Understanding how and when to take advantage of static type checking


Introduction To Groovy
Grails Introduction And Installation
Introduction To GSP
Controllers (Cont’d)
Application Lifecycle
Dependency Injection
Application Profiles
Web Services
Static Type Checking

Our Groovy & Grails Boot Camp is taught by none other than Grails Co-founder Jeff Scott Brown!

Jeff Scott Brown is Principal Software Engineer with OCI of St. Louis and a member of the Core Grails team. Jeff has worked in the software development field for more than 20 years and has expertise in Grails, Groovy, Web Development, Dynamic Languages and the JVM. He has spoken internationally and co-authored “The Definitive Guide to Grails”, with Graeme Rocher. Jeff’s experience covers a wide range of industries, including aerospace, financial, biomedical, and health care.