UX Design For Blockchain Is Still UX Design

A year ago, if you'd asked the average, reasonably tech-savvy person about blockchain, you probably would have gotten back a curious, "block … what?"

Today, you're more likely to come across people who are generally familiar with the term, but your audience may still confess ignorance regarding what blockchain technology actually is.

Although it began to catch the interest of news outlets and commentators as 2017 wound to a close, blockchain isn't a household word just yet.

The important question, though, may be getting overlooked. Perhaps the question we should be asking is, "Does it really matter?" If your customers' lives are more organized, productive, or enjoyable as a result of using your product, does it matter if they understand what blockchain technology is or how it works?

Read this article to learn what really makes a digital product valuable to its users and explore the importance of focusing design and development efforts on UX, whether working with blockchain or any other underlying technology.