Defending Your Cloud Apps with Micronaut® Security

In this 1-hour on-demand webinar, Sergio del Amo demonstrates how to get the most out of the security capabilities at your disposal when building Micronaut® applications.


This webinar is a great learning opportunity for JVM developers interested in learning to leverage Micronaut's wide range of capabilities and build secure microservices and serverless apps with the framework.


In this webinar, Micronaut team member, Sergio del Amo, demonstrates Micronaut's built-in security capabilities and explains how specific features of the framework, such as token propagation, are specifically designed to boost productivity and simplify coding when working with microservice security.

You will learn how to define security for your Micronaut endpoints (@Secured, Intercept URL Map), retrieve the current user, use different authentication flows (basic, ldap, database), and create custom authentication providers.

Sergio will also discuss Micronaut's out-of-the-box support for JSON web token (JWT) validation, generation, and claims customization, as well as its support for Oauth 2. You'll learn how easy it is to integrate your Micronaut apps with an OpenID connect provider, such as AWS Cognito, Auth0, and Okta.


The following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Access authenticated user
  • Define security: @Secured, Intercept URL Map
  • Basic authentication
  • LDAP authentication
  • Database authentication
  • JSON web token (JWT) validation, generation etc.
  • Oauth2: authorization code and password grant flows
  • Token propagation
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