OCI’s Redistribution of JBoss Application Server


We bring over 25 years of experience supporting mission critical, standards-based middleware and are now offering commercial support for the OCI re-distribution of the JBoss Application Server (a.k.a. WildFly)!

Why switch to OCI re-distribution of jboss application server? 

  • The OCI re-distribution is derived from the JBoss Application Server release provided by JBoss.org (now wildfly.org).

  • All bug fixes applied to the OCI re-distribution are submitted back to the wildfly.org community for incorporation in future releases. We are committed to a strong and vibrant Open Source community!

  • We have been providing high-quality, commercial support for Open Source products since 1993. Support requests are individually addressed and resolved by our team of seasoned software engineers and subject matter experts.

  • Our support model, which is based on actual time spent (not CPU count!), is a more cost-effective alternative to subscription-based support solutions.

  • We certify each release on a number of operating platforms, including Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and HP-UX.


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