Agile Requirements Documentation: Tips and Tricks for Modern Teams

Watch this 40-minute, on-demand webinar to learn how to create an effective documentation framework for your Agile projects and efficiently manage Agile documentation artifacts. 


This webinar is recommended for beginner to intermediate software developers interested in enhancing their Agile skills, as well as project managers and other individuals involved in Agile software development processes.


Requirements gathering is a critical process for any successful software development project. If you fail to clearly define the key features of the product to be built, your team runs the very real risk of spending countless hours developing a system or app that fails to meet client expectations and user needs.

But what if you work in an Agile development environment?

Although the Agile methodology includes artifacts that contribute to requirements documentation, including stories, retrospectives, project plans, and team working agreements, project managers and developers often struggle to reconcile the need for concrete requirements against the iterative nature of an Agile project.

In this webinar, Agile specialist, Nirav Assar, addresses these concerns, demonstrates how to create an effective documentation framework for your Agile projects, and explores a variety of modern tools you can use to efficiently manage Agile documentation artifacts.


The following topics are covered in this webinar:

  • Agile documentation artifacts
  • Documentation principles in an Agile environment
  • Creating an effective Agile documentation framework
  • Recommended formats for Agile documentation


We recommend participants have at least a beginner's understanding of Agile methodology and technical writing, as well as intermediate experience with software development projects in general.