Microservices & API Strategy

A microservices architecture empowers you to innovate rapidly, iterate frequently, and respond quickly to the neverending demands of your business.

Top priorities for technologists

Faster time to production

Improved application quality

Shorter development cycles

The integration of software development with IT operations may accelerate the delivery of applications. Using this approach, companies are seeing increased productivity within their software-development teams, faster release of digital products and services, and improved customer experiences.

– Digital Innovation Benchmark Report

Request a Microservices Architecture Assessment

Simplify your operations and establish a nimble approach to development by transforming your complex applications into interoperable services that can be modified and deployed independently. 

Allow us to perform a review of your current technology, architecture, and digital tools, and we’ll show you how microservices can transform your IT organization.

What you can expect from a microservices architecture assessment:

  • An organizational readiness analysis and accompanying set of recommendations for microservices development
  • Identification of key areas best suited to a microservices architecture  
  • An outline of platform infrastructure options to prepare your organization for a transition to microservices
  • Development of CI/CD strategies to optimize microservices testing and delivery
  • An execution plan, comprising relevant options and a technical training plan

Cloud Microservices in 6 Easy Steps 

With all of the available cloud platforms and the great tools and documentation they provide, creating a cloud-based microservices system should be easy. Each platform has a number of separate components that can be put together to make nearly any system you can think of.

How to put the parts together, however, is not always clear. The documentation is all there to read, but it's not always in the same place. This article pulls together some of those parts, presenting a simple cloud-based system that might be used as a foundation for a more complex system.

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