Real-time & Embedded Systems Development

Our expert engineers have the expertise to develop real-time and embedded software solutions including mobileIoT, and IIoT

We are a Wind River™ Partner, offering consulting on the VxWorks™ platform, and we also have experience with Linux, LynxOS™, Nucleus™, Windows Embedded, and “bare metal” (firmware) on Freescale Kinetis™, TI DSPs, and other platforms.


Our real-time and embedded systems services include:

  • Consulting on libraries, frameworks, tools, and techniques for real-time processing on the desktop, in the data center, or on embedded and mobile platforms
  • Full software development lifecycle for embedded applications
  • Porting desktop code to embedded platforms
  • Embedded Linux system integration with Yocto and OpenEmbedded
  • Interfacing with sensors and other devices, directly attached or over Bluetooth (including Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Device driver development for the Linux kernel
  • Embedded C++ and Open Source Middleware development and support
  • Embedded Java development with OpenJDK compact and OCI Pronghorn Embedded Toolkit (PET)