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Using AI to Empower Customers with Targeted Recommendations

Photographing and diagnosing diseased crops, and recommending targeted treatments in real time  more

#MachineLearning #Cloud #Agriculture

Saving Lives with Smart Systems and Automation

Equipping military combat vehicles with advanced analytics and real-time data distribution  more

#IoT #Defense #OpenDDS

Traceability and Transparency in the Supply Chain

Using blockchain to trace food from farm to fork, enabling enhanced authenticity and safety  more

#Blockchain #DistributedLedger #Manufacturing

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of OCI Leadership is people of color

of OCI Leadership promoted from within

of OCI Leadership is women

of Tech Team has 15+ years industry experience

of Tech Team has Been at OCI for 15+ Years

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We are a team of builders, thinkers, and makers on a mission to build disruptive solutions that better serve a connected world.

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Delivering professional technology training to more than 50,000 students

Enabling women and minorities in partnership with County Library

Empowering women in technology in partnership with Women Who Code

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