Traceability and Transparency in the Supply Chain


Blockchain Technology creates a safer, more transparent food supply chain

With a radically transparent digital supply chain, promises to ensure trust in the food supply chain, from farm to fork.

The Client leverages blockchain technology to create a digital food-supply chain, to ensure accountability, transparency, and – ultimately – trust, between food producers, distributors, and consumers. 

Relevant background

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 48 million people become sick annually from foodborne illness, leaving 128,000 hospitalized and killing thousands. Such tragedies may be avoided with integrated information systems that are accessible by all parties in the supply chain.

The global food supply chain is complex. Transparency (in regards to sourcing, food safety, animal welfare, environmental impact, etc) throughout this process is crucial to the interest and welfare of consumers.

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The Challenge approached Object Computing to build a system that creates visibility and verification for distributors, packers, processors, retailers and consumers in the food supply chain.

The Solution

We architected and developed a blockchain-enabled application that integrates existing data collection systems, while maintaining security and privacy, enabling transparency and trust across the supply chain.

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