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Fintech Meetup

Aria, Las Vegas

March 19th, 2023

This is an all-day event

Fintech Meetup - Banking Circle

Meet us at the future of fintech events!

Aria, Las Vegas | March 19-22, 2023

Connect with us at Fintech Meetup 2023, the premier event for anyone interested in the fintech industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, learn about the latest trends and innovations in financial technology, and explore new products and services from some of the most innovative fintech startups and established companies.

The event boasts a diverse lineup of speakers and panelists, including startup founders, industry experts, and thought leaders. Attendees can expect to gain new ideas and perspectives to apply to their own work, as well as a deeper understanding of the future of finance.

The exhibition area is a must-see, featuring some of the most cutting-edge fintech solutions and services available today. Attendees can get a firsthand look at the latest developments in the industry and learn from the experts behind them.

Networking opportunities abound at Fintech Meetup 2023, with plenty of chances to connect with prospects and potential partners. From the networking breaks to the evening reception, attendees can forge new relationships and expand their professional network.

Overall, Fintech Meetup 2023 promises to be an inspiring, educational, and valuable experience for all attendees. Whether they are startup founders, investors, or simply interested in the fintech industry, the event provides a unique opportunity to connect with others in the field and gain new insights into the future of finance. So meet us at Fintech Meetup 2023 and be a part of the future of fintech!

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