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GEO INT 2024: Using AI to Quickly Identify Damage After Severe Weather Events

May 7th, 2024

This is an all-day event

The Nation’s Largest Gathering of GEOINT Professionals

Join us at the GEOINT 2024 Symposium, where we explore the unparalleled importance of geospatial intelligence. This year’s Symposium theme, GEOINT 2024: Essential in All Dimensions and Domains, delves into the diverse facets of geospatial intelligence, showcasing its essential role in providing decision advantage at the point and time of need in today’s rapidly evolving technological and geopolitical landscape. From space to the deep sea, from cyberspace to urban environments, we will examine how GEOINT is at the forefront of understanding and shaping our world.

Dr. Allan Trapp will teach a hands-on course utilizing Clear SKAI app featuring geospatial and AI capabilities to assess building damage post-weather events.

Take your Geographic Information Systems (GIS) work to the cloud! Learn about an efficient and interactive cloud-based workflow to process a large amount of satellite imagery. You will apply an AI-recognition algorithm through Google’s Vertex AI platform and generate business-centered insights using Google Earth Engine.

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