Event Details

KCDC: Bun - Blazingly Fast JavaScript/TypeScript

June 26th, 2024

This is an all-day event that lasts for 3 days

This talk provides an introduction to Bun, a free, open source, JS/TS toolkit. Bun includes a JavaScript runtime, package manager, bundler, and test runner.

Bun has many benefits over Node.js and Deno including:
- significantly better performance enabled through use of Zig
- simplified JS/TS tooling
- CommonJS (require) and ESM (import) support
- TypeScript support
- JSX/TSX file support for generating HTML
- SQLite database support (MySQL and Postgres support is planned)
- Jest-compatible unit test support
- better support for Web APIs
- native hot reloading
- Bun-specific APIs that are highly optimized alternatives to many npm modules

Topics covered will include:

- Overview of Bun
- Installing and upgrading
- Creating and running projects
- Using Bun as a package manager
- Configuring linting and code formatting
- Using Bun as a bundler
- Implementing and running unit tests
- Writing and reading files
- SQLite
- Foreign Function Interface (FFI) for
calling functions implemented in other languages
- WebSockets
- Creating an HTTP server
- ElysiaJS for implementing type safe HTTP servers

For more information, click here.