Case Study: Cloud-Powered HVAC Solution

Case Study

Global HVAC Manufacturer Increases Efficiency with Cloud-Powered Maintenance Solution

Maintenance providers, equipment manufacturers, and end users gain a one-stop digital portal to monitor and remedy the performance of commercial HVAC equipment.

Today’s complex HVAC systems comprise multiple components that require ongoing maintenance updates and enhancements. In commercial installations, HVAC equipment is typically installed in limited-access areas, such as rooftops, making it time-consuming, costly, inconvenient, and sometimes impossible to access and review configuration and diagnostics data and install updates on-site.

The Objective

A global HVAC manufacturer of commercial and residential heating and cooling systems realized it could provide additional value to its resellers and service partners by offering a remote maintenance portal that enabled equipment manufacturers, maintenance providers, and end users to monitor and manage equipment from anywhere.

The company approached the project with two key goals:

  • Employ a secure, cloud-based solution to replace an existing platform that provided remote access to equipment data through a local web UI 
  • Reconfigure its system architecture to avoid impacting customer experience during upgrades

Success Story

We supported our client in architecting and developing an IoT solution in the cloud that:

  • Securely communicates with HVAC equipment
  • Collects diagnostic metrics
  • Performs remote firmware updates
  • Generates alerts when system performance deviates from programmed limits
  • Organizes and displays all this information in real time on a dashboard that's easily accessed by all interested parties (end-user, maintenance provider, and equipment manufacturer)

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The Solution

Device Management System Status & Configuration

Device Management System Status & Configuration

Data Collection

Data Collection





We leveraged Google Cloud's GKE to build an application that managed secure communications with the equipment and could scale to support the needs of a growing set of devices with complex usage patterns and deployment of future-state features, such as predictive failure analysis.

To accommodate unique requirements for accessing systems on customers' local area networks, we implemented a system through which end users enabled a set of technicians to access their HVAC equipment remotely, and the manufacturer pushed out firmware updates to the equipment.

cloud-powered HVAC solution
IoT-Certified Google Cloud Partner

By earning the IoT Partner Specialization, we have proven our expertise and success in building customer solutions in the IoT field using Google Cloud Platform technology. 

Business Outcomes

Following the release of this solution, our client continues to hold its position as a leading provider of high-quality, innovative HVAC products for the light commercial industry.

The updated application delivers substantial benefits to customers, maintenance providers, and equipment manufacturers, exactly as originally proposed.


The upgraded application allows customers to log in and view the status of all of their equipment at a glance. They can also monitor performance, register for alerts, and update firmware.

Maintenance Providers Benefit

Maintenance personnel have access to the entire system’s configuration, status, and alerts without having to visit each piece of equipment.

The Equipment Manufacturer Benefits

The manufacturer can use the app to collect component performance and failure data, which is fed back into the engineering process to facilitate improvements to future models.


A GCP server provides a secure interface for monitoring and managing the edge devices installed in each HVAC system. Additionally, the app features a continuous integration and deployment model for future enhancements and system optimizations.

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