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Asterisms, Object Computing's proven, proprietary framework enables businesses to quickly build custom, interactive applications focused on data and business logic.

As an application ecosystem, Asterisms transforms the way enterprises develop, deploy, and integrate into business applications.

Accelerate Time to Value

Time to Value

Rapidly deploy value-driven applications with ready-to-use data integrations, pipelines, and application components.

Minimize Risk

Minimize Implementation RISK

Target and maintain focus on your measurable outcomes from idea to proof-of-concept to scalable production.

Industry Best Practices

Align with INDUSTRY

Seamlessly integrate with existing data and collaboration structures, enabling immediate cross-team collaboration.

The Asterisms framework accelerates the reshaping of business concepts and ideas into full-fledged applications. 

Asterisms is designed to accelerate data intensive proof-of-concepts into scalable, business-ready applications. Building blocks bridge data connectors, data pipelines, and machine learning models with enterprise level security, user management, and user collaboration tools. 

“With Asterisms, we give a robust application framework and common data platform, then add use cases incrementally - quickly, with low risk and with a clear focus on measurable business outcomes.”

Andrew Montgomery
Director of Products and Innovation


EMPOWERING ESG EFFORTS with geospatial agility

The Asterisms accelerator's rich ecosystem originated from the cross-industry need for an interactive data management experience that can outpace regulatory and industry-specific demands. As ESG concerns move to the forefront for many enterprises, industry members concerned with measuring the carbon footprint of their agriculture products reached out to Object Computing to see what could be done to improve this process, and we accepted the challenge.


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