OCI Wins Navy SBIR Project for Submarine Communications

The US Navy (NAVSEA) awarded a Phase 1 contract to OCI to adapt its open source QuickFAST technology for use in US Navy submarine fleet communication systems. OCI was selected from among the many open bid submissions to the Navy Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program.  This initial design phase is for 4-6 months with an option for an additional 6 months to transition into phase 2.  After a successful exit and transition from phase 1, phase 2 will commence. This second phase implements the software for production. It is valued at $1,000,000 and is expected to take about eighteen months.

QuickFAST is one of several mission critical, widely used, open source software products developed and supported by OCI. It addresses the challenges of the finance industry that must consume vast quantities of data in with ever lower latency.  OCI will be adapting the baseline QuickFAST technology to solve the more general, but equally pressing, messaging needs of Navy submarine systems.  OCI engineers will be developing FRESCO, a Framework for Rule-based Encoding and Stream COmpression.  This combination of tool chain and process will enable the messages to be analyzed for template formatting, encoding, compression, and encryption (if required). After the reduction of about 1000 to 1, the message can be transmitted with very low latency and reconstituted at the receiver end with minimal delay and no loss in fidelity.

OCI Founder Ebrahim Moshiri shared, "In the last twelve years we have been developing expertise in world-class mission critical infrastructure for use in the most demanding systems. Naval communication systems are the gold standard and this award is testimony to the skills of our engineers. This award will enable us to strengthen our product suite and our position in a market that is increasingly awash in data."

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