OCI's Jeff Brown Presenting at GIDS 2015 (Great Indian Developer Summit), Apr. 21-24

With over 30000 attendees benefiting over seven game changing editions, GIDS is the gold standard for India's software developer ecosystem. OCI's Jeff Brown will be presenting multiple seminars including: Polyglot Web Development With Grails 2, Metaprogramming With the Groovy Runtime, and Groovy ORM (GORM) Inside Out.

The GIDS2015 edition is for cutting-edge content that will squarely put you ahead of the pack.

GIDS is India's biggest polyglot conference for Software Practitioners. Featuring four distinct conferences and over 100 + cutting edge sessions in Bangalore across four days - GIDS.NET (April 21), GIDS.WEB/MOBILE (April 22), GIDS.JAVA (April 23) and GIDS.DATA (April 24) - the summit offers immense value for employees from your organization

A new satellite edition, GIDS.MINI (April 25th) featuring rock-stars and stalwarts who have thousands of followers at GIDS. GIDS.Mini will offer you a choice of over 20 cutting-edge sessions from rich web experience to the latest in Java, dynamic languages, functional programming and much more at a venue near you in Hyderabad.

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