Neo4j Object Mapping by Graeme Rocher

With the recently released GORM for Neo4j 6.1, the OCI Grails team has built a tool that takes advantage of the native features exposed by the Neo4j Bolt Java Driver.

Mapping object models to the Neo4j graph in languages such as Java and Groovy may be immensely convenient when developing your application, but has the danger of obfuscating the power of Neo4j.

Grails co-founder and project lead, Graeme Rocher, has created a blog post, plus a more detailed tutorial, that looks at GORM for Neo4j in detail.

Our preference at OCI is to always build solutions based on real-world experiences, and with GORM for Neo4j, that hasn’t changed.

We worked together with Brinqa – a leading provider of unified risk management – to build an object mapping solution for Neo4j that addresses their real-world challenges, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your unique situation.

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