Could Blockchain Become the Norm Sooner Than We Think?

Blockchain Breakfast Briefing

Almost a decade into the ubiquity of e-commerce, many believed it would be a fad. Since then, of course, the American retail industry has been battered beyond recognition as brick and mortar stores continue to close at a record rate, with Amazon dominating online sales. In today’s world, avoiding an e-commerce presence would be unthinkable for a modern retailer. Will we soon see a similarly disruptive force from blockchain technologies?

Similar to the profound impact that e-commerce had on the retail industry, blockchain technologies can enable and foster disintermediation, as well as all types of business transformation opportunities, in many industries and supply chains. Blockchain is designed to be decentralized, with “layers,” where each layer is defined by an interoperable open protocol on top of which companies, as well as individuals, can build products and services.

How will blockchain technology disrupt (or enable) your business? Join us on Tuesday, May 16th and learn: 

  • The basics of blockchain technology and what it may mean for you
  • The global scale of blockchain’s potential impact
  • How blockchain makes legal systems more equitable
  • Why so many cybersecurity experts are advocating blockchain
  • Practical business applications of blockchain
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