Grails Framework Now Officially Integrated with Google App Engine

Now you can run your Grails applications on GAE over the Google Cloud Platform.

May 1st, 2017 — We are pleased to announce that the Grails framework has integrated with Google App Engine (GAE). Now you can run your Grails applications on GAE over the Google Cloud Platform, giving your developers streamlined access to Google’s robust set of APIs, including:


Google’s Cloud Vision API

Integrate Google Vision features into your Grails applications, including image labeling, face, logo, and landmark detection, optical character recognition (OCR), and detection of explicit content.

Google’s Cloud Speech API

Use fast and accurate speech recognition in your Grails applications to convert audio, either from a microphone or from a file, to text in over 80 languages and variants.

Google’s Natural Language API

Your Grails applications can now analyze the structure and meaning of text, including sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and text annotations.

Google’s Translation API

Your Grails applications can now translate text from one language to another.

Why Choose Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

GCP frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. GCP provides reliable and highly scalable infrastructure for developers to build, test, and deploy apps. It covers application, storage, and computing services for backend, mobile, and web solutions. More than 4 million apps trust and use GCP.

Why Grails?

Grails is a powerful web framework for the Java platform that multiplies developer productivity, thanks to Convention-over-Configuration, sensible defaults, and opinionated APIs.

Google Cloud Products and Services enable your application to run using the same technology and tools used at Google. It encompasses solutions around Computing, Storage & Databases, Networking, Big Data, Machine Learning, Identity & Security.

The Best of Both Worlds

Now, it’s possible to deploy a Grails 3 application that leverages Google Cloud Services.

To showcase the Grails and Google Cloud integration, we have developed a sample application, which demonstrates how to deploy a Grails 3 application to the Google App Engine Flexible Environment. The application uses:



View the sample application here. Or, view the source code. We have published a Grails Guide that details the steps necessary to deploy to Google App Engine Flexible Environment and get your app ready for Google Cloud Services. View the guide. Then, follow us on Twitter and be the first to know about forthcoming integrations and guides.



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