Grails vs. Spring Boot

Grails vs. Spring Boot



Grails 3 is built on top of Spring Boot.

When you use Grails 3, you have all the functionality of Spring Boot because a Grails 3 app is a Spring Boot app. From the developer’s perspective, it doesn’t necessarily look like a Boot app, but 100% of the Boot capabilities are there.

In addition to all of the capabilities provided by Boot, developers benefit from the enormous productivity gains and other features (e.g., GORM, Profiles, etc.) that Grails 3 has to offer.

A question like, “Should I use Grails 3 or Spring Boot?” isn’t really sensible. A question like, “Should I use Spring Boot by itself, or should I use Grails 3 so I get Boot, plus a lot more?” answers itself.

What else Can you do with Grails? Glad you asked!
  • Grails uses "convention over configuration" to configure itself.
  • With rapid application development, Grails brings agility and robustness with shorter lead time for application development. 
  • Grails fully embraces Groovy to enable many features that would not be possible using Java alone, including Dynamic Finders, many DSLs, AST Transformations, Trait-based solutions, and much more.
  • Grails includes a rich plugin ecosystem.
  • GORM 6 is the most powerful and most flexible data access toolkit for the JVM. GORM supports many types of databases, including:
    • Hibernate 4/5 {SQL}
    • Mongo
    • Neo4j
    • JPA
    • RxGORM for REST
    • Cassandra
  • Application profiles: whether you are building a full-scale web app, a small API, or an angular app, Grails comes with the right profile to get you started!
  • Powerful testing tools built into the Grails framework leverage tools like Geb, Spock, an in-memory GORM implementation.
  • Grails is built with Gradle, the standard in build systems.

Last but not least ... Grails has existed for over a decade with the same technical leadership the entire time; the framework continues to evolve and adapt enabling developers to efficiently and intelligently build and deploy web applications.

Webinar: Intro to Grails 3 for Spring Developers

Spring Developer Advocate, Josh Long, and Grails co-founder, Jeff Scott Brown, introduce the Grails framework from the perspective of a Spring developer and demonstrate how these awesome technologies play so well together.


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