Online Training Workshop: Better APIs with GORM & GraphQL

Gorm & GraphQL Workshop | April 20, 2018

Join instructor, James Kleeh, on April 20th for a 3-hour, online training workshop for web application developers.

This workshop takes a dive deep into the new GORM extension and Grails plugin that combine GORM and GraphQL to increase developer productivity. Through real-time, hands-on exercises, you'll quickly become proficient enough with the technology to bend it to your will.

Instructor, James Kleeh, is a member of the OCI Grails team and has been programming with Groovy and Grails for more than 6 years. He has deep knowledge of the full web stack, as well as a strong background in SQL database-centric applications. James also has many years of experience in the education industry and presents technical concepts in a clear and accessible way that helps students master new concepts easily.

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