August Blockchain St. Louis Meetup to Explore Blockchain Governance Concerns

Blockchain St. Louis Meetup: Blockchain Governance Concerns: The Impact of Forks on Personal Digital Property

The August Blockchain St. Louis Meetup will cover the topic of "Blockchain Governance Concerns: The Impact of Forks on Personal Digital Property"

With all the recent press coverage, blockchain has become a trendy technology, leading many to think it is the ideal, go-to solution for all digital objectives. In fact, blockchain is an extremely powerful tool when used to accomplish certain goals, but it is not a universal solution.

At the August Meetup, through an exploration of governance concerns that must be addressed when storing personal assets on the blockchain, guest speaker, Josh Joy, will provide examples of situations in which a blockchain might not be the right technology, as well as those in which blockchain may actually be an ideal solution.

Whether you'd like a better understanding of blockchain without all the hype, or you work with blockchain technology every day, this Meetup will provide valuable insight into some of the practical concerns related to its use.

Join us in our brand-new technology lab on August 28th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. CT for the presentation, and enjoy an evening mingling with other St. Louis blockchain enthusiasts with some complimentary pizza and soda.

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