Grails Co-Founder Named Groundbreaker at Oracle Code One

It is with incredible gratitude that we announce OCI Principal Software Engineer, Graeme Rocher, has been awarded Oracle’s 2018 Groundbreaker Award!

The Oracle Groundbreaker Award is presented to technologists whose work significantly contributes to the open source software ecosystem. Graeme was honored for his groundbreaking work in co-founding and developing the Grails web application framework.

Graeme was one of five award recipients this year, alongside Doug Cutting (co-creator of Apache Hadoop), Neha Narkhede (co-founder and CTO of Apache Kafka), Charles Nutter (co-leader of JRuby) and Guido van Rossum (creator of Python). He received his award on Tuesday, October 23rd at the 2018 Oracle Code One Conference in San Francisco, CA.

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