Dr. Xiao Yang Named Director, Machine Learning at Object Computing

Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) announces addition of senior analytics leader to Machine Learning Group.

Xiao Yang, PhD, has joined OCI as a senior analytics leader in our rapidly expanding Machine Learning Group. This announcement comes after a period of growth for OCI, as more forward-thinking organizations embrace transformative solutions driven by disruptive technologies. 

Xiao brings creativity, passion, and a proven track record disrupting the status quo with insights that unlock entirely new business opportunities. With more than twenty years of deep industry experience, Xiao most recently served as a senior analytics leader for a Fortune 500 agricultural biotechnology company, where he led the team that invented the world’s first AI product recommender and management solution for the Agriculture industry. The “Seed Advisor” solution has an unheard-of-in-Agriculture +80% win rate and is capturing the attention of AgTech leaders around the globe.

When he is not creating new insights that breathe life into businesses, Xiao enjoys fishing, where he finds total relaxation, plus uninterrupted time to ponder systemic solutions across multiple industries to expand the value chain. Xiao also spends his free time contributing to the analytics community by coaching and mentoring the next generation of top analytical leaders in St Louis and around the globe.

Please join us in welcoming Xiao to Object Computing, and follow #DisruptionThatExcites to see what's next! 

More about Xiao:
  • Xiao served as a Science and Technology Fellow at Monsanto (now Bayer), a company recognized for scientific innovation, community engagement, and business impact.

  • Xiao has led more than 10 patent filings, spanning key scientific innovations in the application of machine learning to enable product placement and product portfolio optimization.

  • Xiao earned his doctorate in statistics from Virginia Tech.

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