Grails and Micronaut Co-Founder, Graeme Rocher, Named a Java Champion

On June 25, 2019, the Oracle-sponsored Java Champions group welcomed Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) engineer, Graeme Rocher, into their ranks. Graeme joins Java leaders from around the world as a member of this exclusive group of influential technologists.

Graeme Rocher is a co-founder of the open source frameworks, Grails and Micronaut, which accelerate developer productivity, dramatically improving the Java development experience.

Graeme was also awarded Oracle's Groundbreaker Award in 2018. He leads the continued development of Grails and Micronaut at OCI and regularly speaks at conferences and technology events around the world.

Through discussions and community-building activities with Oracle's Java Development and Developer Program teams, Java Champions contribute valuable input into the future direction of the Java Platform.

Java Champions are nominated by members of the global Java community based upon a list of qualifications, including leadership, experience, and influence. Nominees must be approved through a peer-review process conducted by existing Java Champions in order to be inducted into the group. 

The Java Champions program was founded by Sun Microsystems in 2005, and Oracle has continued to sponsor the program since it acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010.

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