Jeff Scott Brown to Present Webinar for Women Who Code

In an upcoming complimentary webinar, Micronaut co-founder and Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) engineer, Jeff Scott Brown, will present, "Micronaut with Vue," a 1-hour tutorial on building single-page applications (SPAs) using Micronaut and Vue.js and deploying them to Google Cloud. 

The webinar, which is hosted by the Women Who Code (WWC) Front End track community, will be held on July 31, 2019, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. CDT (7:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m. UTC). 

Micronaut is a full-stack JVM framework for building modular, easily testable microservices and serverless applications. Unlike reflection-based IoC frameworks, Micronaut provides advanced dependency injection and AOP support at compilation time. As a result, application startup time and memory usage are reduced to a minimum, regardless of codebase size.

OCI is committed to supporting WWC's mission to inspire women to excel in technology careers. In addition to participating in international WWC events, such as this webinar, we were instrumental in establishing the St. Louis WWC network, and we regularly host Meetups for the local community to network and learn together.

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