Micronaut Data 1.0 Milestone 1 Released


By Graeme Rocher, OCI Grails & Micronaut Product Lead and Principal Software Engineer

AUGUST 14, 2019

The Micronaut Team at OCi is pleased to announce the first milestone of Micronaut Data. The M1 release is just the first of many milestones and release candidates that we will be doing as we progress towards a GA release. We have already had a fantastic amount of feedback and contributions from the community that have allowed us to advance the JDBC implementation in particular.

Micronaut Data 1.0 M1 includes the following features:

We plan to add a whole bunch of new features before the next milestone, including better support for custom types (like Postgres JSON types), improvements to programmatic query construction in JDBC, and better support for mapping different scenarios.

Thanks to all those who contributed to the release, and we look forward to your feedback!