Technology Teams of the Future: Better Together

All of us is better than any one of us.

If we wish to accomplish anything significant, we can’t do it alone. That is the message shared today by Gina Bremehr, Chief Operating Officer at Object Computing, Inc. (OCI), in an article published by the St. Louis Business Journal.

The positive impact that emerging technology has had on our lives cannot be overstated. Healthcare, transportation, media, and recreation have all been transformed through innovations made possible by technology. Our lives have been so tremendously impacted by technology in recent decades, it is natural to find ourselves wondering, what more can technology do for me?

In her article, Bremehr says, "Before we focus on what technology can do for all of us today, we must discuss how to build the teams of humans who will make tomorrow’s technology possible. ... Let's work together toward this common goal: to come together to build organically tomorrow's technology teams."

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