StrongBlock and Object Computing Unite to Bring Blockchain Solutions to the Enterprise

Object Computing, Inc. (OCI), a global technology consulting firm with areas of expertise in blockchain, machine learning, IoT, and cloud engineering, announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) platform, StrongBlock ( 

Through this partnership, OCI's engineering team will be positioned to seamlessly integrate StrongBlock's platform into the software solutions they build for enterprise clients around the world. 

Phil Mesnier, Partner and Blockchain Practice lead at OCI, said, “We expect our partnership with StrongBlock will strengthen our solution portfolio by making it easy to configure, launch, manage, and scale enterprise-grade blockchain applications.”

In addition to collaborating on client solutions together, OCI and StrongBlock plan to launch a series of joint educational events designed to prepare today's software developers to build enterprise solutions using blockchain technology.

Simultaneously, the two companies will institute a series of events to help enterprise business leaders understand what they can and should demand of blockchain developers. 

“Our partnership with OCI will help both of us better serve our enterprise customers,” said David Moss, StrongBlock CEO.

StrongBlock was founded by four former executives from, the organization that founded EOSIO. Members of both the StrongBlock and OCI teams helped build EOSIO and coordinated the launch of the EOS Mainnet, the world's fastest and most-used blockchain mainnet.


About OCI

Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) builds high-performance, real-time, mission-critical systems and integration solutions with a focus on making solutions more open, bringing the added benefits of massive scalability, reusability, interoperability, and affordability to clients. Visit to learn more about OCI’s software engineering and professional technology training services. 

About StrongBlock

StrongBlock’s mission is to empower enterprises to focus resources on using blockchain to solve business problems. StrongBlock founders, David Moss, Thomas Cox, Corey Lederer, and Brian Abramson, led the successful build of EOSIO as early technology executives at StrongBlock’s configurable, push-button blockchain protocol provides a combination of performance and features demanded by today’s global businesses, including account management, security, and governance. For more information, please visit


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