Helps Financial Professionals Detect Fraud, the next-generation AI accelerator, is supercharging innovation by transforming the way professionals in the financial industry develop, deploy, and leverage AI, machine learning, and big data analytics.

The Challenge

The global economy relies on secure, reliable, instantaneous financial transactions. With each transaction, more and more data is produced, leading to large and complex varieties of data sets to be stored, secured, tracked, and analyzed. 

As big data streams in, anomaly detection becomes more complicated. While certain anomalies could be signs of fraudulent activity, they could also be signs of healthy economic evolution. This type of ongoing pattern detection across widely variable volumes of data is the equivalent of a moving target. With individual transactions numbering in the hundreds of millions per day, a prohibitive amount of manpower would be required to manually track and analyze these activity patterns.

The Solution, the revolutionary AI accelerator, applies her unique pattern recognition algorithms to efficiently sort through hundreds of millions of data points each day, learning from the patterns she discovers, while keeping our client informed of anomalies and changes to the baseline patterns at all times. Her powerful analysis empowers our client to act quickly and decisively, avoiding or mitigating potentially disastrous outcomes.


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