Micronaut Graduates to Trial Level in ThoughtWorks Technology Radar Vol. 21

International IT leader, ThoughtWorks, describes Micronaut as "a very promising entrant to the full stack framework for the JVM space" in the most recent Languages and Frameworks section of its Technology Radar (TW Tech Radar) publication.

The framework first appeared in the "Assess" category in April 2019, indicating that ThoughtWorks believed it to be "worth exploring with the goal of understanding how it will affect your enterprise." In the most recent edition, Technology Radar Vol. 21, it has been advanced to the "Trial" level, indicating that ThoughtWorks considers it "worth pursuing" and recommends that enterprises give it a try.

The write-up describes Micronaut's key features, including (but not limited to) compile-time dependency injection, "first-class support" for reactive programming, and service discovery, before stating that Thoughtworks is "seeing it in more and more projects in production, prompting [them] to move it to Trial."

As Micronaut matures and finds a wider audience, we anticipate its migration from the Trial category to Adopt.

ThoughtWorks publishes its Tech Radar twice a year, compiling a list of technologies the company's senior technologists believe are worth paying attention to. The publication offers recommendations in four categories: Techniques, Tools, Platforms, and Languages and Frameworks.

Read the full Tech Radar Micronaut entry.

Learn more about Micronaut.

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