Object Computing Celebrates Five Years as Home to Grails

On April 15, 2015, Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) announced that we had become the home to Grails!

We were pleased to welcome Grails co-founders, Graeme Rocher and Jeff Scott Brown, as well as the rest of the development team, to our family, and we have been delighted with the innovations they've contributed over the last five years.

Since OCI has been home to Grails, the team has grown to 16 full-time engineers, with members hailing from around the globe. Team members regularly provide Groovy and Grails training at conferences and via complimentary webinars and via custom, private workshops for our clients. 

In addition to continuing their work on Grails and developing new projects, Graeme and Jeff have traveled the world speaking at conferences, teaching workshops, and sharing their expertise with the Grails community. In October 2018, Graeme received the Oracle Groundbreaker Award for his work on Grails, and in June 2019, he was named a Java Champion.

"The Object Computing team has accomplished more than I had hoped in less time than I anticipated, driven by Graeme’s leadership and the team’s commitment to supporting and helping to grow the technologies and their community," said Jeff Brown regarding this exciting, five-year milestone, "Not only have we continued the trajectory of success with Grails, but we have developed and released the tremendously successful Micronaut framework."

More Grails team successes over the last five years include:

  • August 2019: Release of Micronaut Data M1
  • July 2019: Release of Grails 4
  • October 2018: Release of the Micronaut framework
  • May 2018: At Gr8Conf US, Ken Kousen awarded the Grails Community Rock Star Award
  • February 2018: Grails celebrates 10 years
  • November 2017: At G3 Summit, Jeff Brown and Graeme Rocher awarded Grails lifetime contributor awards, and Eric Helgeson awarded the Grails Community Rock Star Award
  • July 2017: Release of Grails 3.3
  • May 2017: Grails integrated with Google App Engine
  • September 2016: Release of Grails 3.2
  • January 2016: Release of Grails 3.1

For complimentary Grails tips and tutorials created by the Grails team, visit their resources page

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