Object Computing Partners with Radix and Noether DLT to Develop Ethereum-based Smart Contract Platform

Today, we announced a partnership with Radix DLT and Noether DLT to develop an Ethereum-based smart contract platform for the Radix ledger. This system will allow Ethereum dApps to migrate to the Radix ecosystem with minimal effort, providing the versatility of Ethereum smart contracts at the speed of Radix. 

The smart contract platform will be designed and built in a collaborative effort by engineers with all three companies. Plans for additional enterprise features, such as private transactions and virtual hardware security modules, are also in the works. 

Members of our team were among the first to recognize the potential of the unique distributed ledger protocol that Radix has developed to bring global scale to blockchain. "It isn’t every day that we get to work with software as exciting and on the technological forefront as Radix and Noether. It’s a credit to the skills, knowledge, and general expertise of our engineering teams that they were able to identify all the different parts that needed to be brought together and then integrate them piece by piece to build a Proof of Concept in a relatively short time frame," said Object Computing blockchain team leader, Ciju John.

Through this partnership, we will deliver professional development services that support Radix as it builds toward the launch of its public network, including building a foundation to onboard new businesses and decentralized applications into the Radix ecosystem and integrating enterprise-centric features into the Radix ledger software. 

"Working with Noether and Object Computing to bring the tremendous body of existing Ethereum smart contract code to the Radix ledger is extremely exciting," said Radix CEO, Piers Ridyard. "We look forward to enthusiastically supporting the customer deployments Object Computing has lined up for an Ethereum/Radix solution. Noether’s commitment to decentralizing and open sourcing their platform for the benefit of the Radix public network will be a huge boost for the Radix community, and makes it all the easier to bring existing Decentralized Finance developers to our purpose-built DeFi platform."

Radix ledger technology focuses on three drivers of decentralized finance (DeFi): access, liquidity, and choice. The platform offers a flexible framework for building and accessing today's financial applications. 

Noether Software Engineer, Brendan Laiben said, "Being able to bring an ecosystem as expansive and powerful as Ethereum to Radix is really a dream come true. This is an advancement not just for Radix, but for the entire decentralized ledger community. Beyond the baseline features of vanilla Ethereum, the Noether architecture is able to support native privacy features and cross-platform communication. This unique feature set on top of Ethereum and Radix opens the doors to a whole new set of business models and lowers the barriers to entry for new crypto-enthusiasts. We expect to see some very interesting applications come out of our internal developers as well as the community at large."

Learn more about our blockchain solutions, including smart contract development for enterprise customers using the popular Ethereum and EOSIO ledgers, among others.

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