New OpenDDS Foundation Announced

We're pleased to announce that Object Computing and the OpenDDS team have launched a not-for-profit foundation to support and collectively lead the open source OpenDDS project.

The OpenDDS Foundation's mission is to:

  • Ensure technical innovation and advancement of the OpenDDS project as a free and open public use toolkit for a growing global community
  • Evangelize and promote OpenDDS technology as a leading implementation of the Object Management Group's (OMG's) Data-Distribution Service (DDS) standard
  • Build and support an ecosystem of complementary documentation, functionality, and services

In support of this mission, the Foundation is empowered to oversee software roadmap and development, best practices and processes, repository control, documentation and support, and fundraising related to the open source project.

"The open source model succeeds when stakeholders actively participate in the project," said Adam Mitz, OpenDDS Product Lead at Object Computing. "The OpenDDS project's growth over the years is an example of that success, as organizations from academia to industry and across public and private sectors use the OpenDDS framework to build scalable distributed software solutions. Now with the launch of the OpenDDS Foundation, we welcome stakeholders to collaborate with us in new ways."

The OpenDDS Foundation's bylaws provide that Object Computing will maintain, in perpetuity, a majority interest in the Foundation to serve as a steward of the OpenDDS project and its global open source community. Object Computing has committed an initial contribution of $500,000.00 to fund open source product development and evangelism for the OpenDDS project.

"Over the past couple decades, we have been honored, and remain dedicated to, our commitment as steward to the OpenDDS project and our community. DDS is an incredibly compelling technology for mission critical and autonomous systems, ensuring reliability, security, scalability … We are encouraged by the substantial interest and investment we continue to see each year in this established and battle-tested technology and are excited about where things are headed. There is always more we can learn and do alongside our engaged community - and that’s where we’re headed," said Object Computing’s Chief Operating Officer, Gina Bremehr.

Technical Leadership

The OpenDDS Foundation is supported by a Technology Advisory Board that ensures the project continues to reflect and serve its diverse and growing user community. The Board will meet quarterly to discuss and make recommendations regarding the OpenDDS project's roadmap and technical direction.

The Technical Advisory Board is composed of key project contributors and partners in the ecosystem, including:

  • David (DJ) James, Technical Director for Software, Leonardo DRS Land Systems
  • Andrew Job, Founder and CEO, Plotlogic
  • Adam Mitz, OpenDDS Product Lead and Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing
  • Matt Mueller, Enterprise Operations Branch Head, United States Navy
  • Marc Neeley, Director of Architecture, Object Computing
  • Jason Schindler, Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing
  • Johnny Willemsen, CTO, Remedy IT
  • Justin Wilson, Principal Software Engineer, Object Computing

For more information and for organizations interested in nominating a representative to the OpenDDS Foundation Technology Advisory Board, please contact


As a not-for-profit organization, the OpenDDS Foundation relies on the financial support of Contributing Members to support and grow the OpenDDS project. Businesses and community members are encouraged to actively participate in the project's success by becoming Contributing Members through one of our sponsorship programs.

Please consider donating and becoming a sponsor today!

About OpenDDS at Object Computing

The OpenDDS project is an open source and widely adopted standards-based real-time publish/subscribe solution for distributed systems.

Object Computing's engineering team began developing the OpenDDS project in 2005 when OMG's DDS specification was maturing and industry adoption was just beginning. At the time, our team had several decades of experience providing commercial support for open source distributed-computing frameworks, especially ACE and TAO.

Version 1.0 of the OpenDDS project was released in 2007 as an open source implementation of the DDS specification, backed by a full range of commercial support options provided by Object Computing's distributing computing experts.

Since the project was launched, the Object Computing team has continually maintained and updated the technology, adding over time additional support for embedded, mobile, desktop, and cloud platforms, bindings for Java and Javascript, and new OMG specifications, including DDSI-RTPS, DDS Security, and XTypes.

OpenDDS technology remains free and available for anyone's use as an open source project. Stay up to date with the OpenDDS Foundation by bookmarking Follow the latest OpenDDS news on Twitter @opendds.