Upcoming Webinar Features IoT Solution Powered by OpenDDS

In a complimentary webinar sponsored by the OpenDDS Foundation on July 9, 2021, Object Computing engineers, Adam Mitz and Justin Wilson, demonstrate how a powerful internet of things (IoT) solution can be built and implemented using open source software.

The presentation, which is recommended for anyone with an interest in networked applications, IoT, or device connectivity, delivers a high-level overview of the considerations and steps necessary to build a peer-to-peer application that fulfills critical business requirements, such as low latency, security, and extensibility, as well as quality of service requirements, such as reliability and scalability.

By giving attendees an inside look at the architecture and sharing their experiences implementing a similar real-world solution for a client, Adam and Justin encourage attendees to recognize that IoT solutions don't have to be complex, costly, or impractical.

Technical managers, business analysts, system architects, security architects, development team leads, and others interested in technical solutions that reduce operating costs, improve reliability and responsiveness, and simplify troubleshooting and system maintenance are encouraged to attend. No programming experience is necessary to gain value from this talk.

Adam Mitz and Justin Wilson are both highly respected subject matter experts with years of hands-on experience designing and building solutions that help companies in all industries economically reimagine connectivity and data distribution.

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