Data Engineering Team Provides Tips for Data Lake Management

Object Computing Senior Data Engineer, Paul Scheibal, provides guidance regarding data lake management in this month's Software Engineering Tech Trends (SETT) article, Data Ingestion Strategies for Data Lakes

Organizations interested in establishing more useful, efficient, and robust data strategies may be familiar with the concept of a data lake, but they may lack the knowledge or expertise to put such strategies into place. To help business leaders get started, Scheibal's article defines key terms associated with data lakes and explores several popular ingestion strategies.  

Businesses partner with Object Computing for customized data strategies designed to meet their specific needs. Our data engineers, analysts, and scientists have extensive experience with data lakes and data ingestion strategies and offer end-to-end services, from mapping out your strategy to implementation to training your team to maintain and expand the system into the future. 

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. Let's work together to transform your data into a valuable asset that delivers actionable insights and a greater competitive advantage.

SETT is a regular publication featuring emerging trends in software engineering.

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