Introducing Our New Tagline

Introducing Our New Tagline

As part of an initiative to ensure that our brand continues to reinforce our commitment to the success of our clients, partners, and community, Object Computing recently introduced a new tagline: Your Outcomes Engineered.

Our updated tagline supports our focus on ensuring the innovation we deliver achieves the business outcomes that help our clients achieve and accelerate success. 

"Our core values inspire and inform all we do at Object Computing," said President and Chief Operations Officer, Gina Bremehr. "When we talk about 'innovating courageously and mindfully,' innovation is at the heart of everything we do … it allows all of us to be better every day … and it is so important that we always ensure that we understand very early on what we are trying to accomplish and what will be the impact (today and tomorrow, intended and unintended) of our innovation."

Currently, the new tagline can be found on the home page of Object Computing's website. It will serve as the inspiration for additional exciting branding updates to be announced throughout 2022.

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