This November, Object Computing CEO, Bob Elfanbaum, will head to London to present a talk on how advancing the adoption of new technologies can help us move towards a carbon neutral world. 

As tech leaders, we volunteer to explore the unknown in search of solutions to real-world problems. Elfanbaum takes this call to action seriously, combining his passions for innovation and environmental advocacy to tackle a real-world problem as big as a planet – climate change.

Corporations pursuing sustainability initiatives may understand that purchasing carbon offsets is one practice available to meet carbon neutrality targets. In his talk, Bob will explain how the unique characteristics of NFTs can facilitate a disruptive approach to accelerate the amount and liquidity of carbon offsets. 

The use of new methodologies in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will revolutionize the delivery of high-quality carbon offsets for corporate buyers, providing access to a transparent marketplace with tokenized carbon offsets. The use of digitized measurement, reporting and verification would ensure project data is accurate, secure, and auditable. 

This system for auditing asset ownership, quality, origin, and other attributes throughout each offset's lifecycle, will drive liquidity, add new levels of transparency to trading activities, and eliminate a variety of issues that currently interfere with market pricing and participation. Corporate buyers will receive optimal supply to help meet ESG reporting goals and to facilitate communication of their investment impact with shareholders, regulators, and consumers.

Since 2018,  NFT.NYC has been committed to giving a voice to the growing NFT community. NFT.London, NFT.NYC's first major event in the UK, will welcome fresh ideas and NFT thought leadership from the UK and Europe.  Supported by the most innovative brands and projects in the NFT ecosystem, NFT.London will highlight the local builders bringing the international community together and continue to educate and share knowledge with those curious about NFTs. Register for NFT.London

Object Computing recently partnered with the HBAR Foundation to improve trust and transparency in the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) marketplace through the development of an innovative distributed ledger system that facilitates open data and price discovery. 

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