On September 7-8, Object Computing joins a group of world-class industry leaders at the Colorado School of Mines’ Global Energy Future Innovation Forum and Innov8x Challenge. The two-day event includes a forum and Mines student competition showcasing ground-breaking research and possible solutions to the world’s biggest challenges facing our global energy future.  

Following the forum, Object Computing’s Andrew Montgomery, Director of Data Insights and Products, will join a team of data scientists from Google and other energy industry experts to hear presentations and pitches from School of Mines’ students. Students' possible solutions will address topics such as reduction of environmental impact at worksites, and carbon sequestration, a possible solution for the methane detection techniques. Winners will receive funding to further pursue their innovative business ideas.

“We are excited to see the students engaged in sustainable energy practices which is a growing area for Object Computing’s technology investments. By participating in this forward-thinking event, we can see other approaches and share our advancements in digital measuring, reporting and validating (MRV) technology,” said Andrew Montgomery. 

Mines Global Future Initiative (GEFI) and Innov8x started the Global Energy Future Innovation (GEFI) Forum & Innov8x Challenge to bring together Mines students, faculty, staff, and a world-class list of industry sponsors. Students will need to push their skills to brainstorm innovative ideas to successfully solve a presented challenge. 

Object Computing has partnered with the HBAR Foundation to develop an innovative Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) marketplace  through a distributed ledger system. Launching in 2023, this marketplace will facilitate open data and price discovery for improved trust and transparency in the carbon offset market.