Object Computing, Inc. Announces Platform for High-Impact Business Applications

St. Louis, MO – Object Computing recently announced Asterisms, a platform that accelerates the development of custom business applications. Asterisms features proven technologies to deliver tailored, data-rich applications that drive impactful outcomes.

Powered by Object Computing's IP, Asterisms features best-in-class accelerators to deliver:

  • Applications with ready-to-use data integrations, pipelines, and components
  • Proof of concept demonstrating feasibility prior to mass production
  • Investment protection for future integrations and scalability

"Asterisms is a game-changer for businesses that want to quickly turn insights into outcomes that impact their bottom line," said Bob Elfanbaum, CEO of Object Computing."We believe that Asterisms is the future of high-impact applications, and we look forward to working with businesses across industries to help them achieve their goals."

Asterisms’ integrates accelerators like Alyce.ai, a predictive artificial intelligence (AI) technology, that automates processes and converts subtle data patterns into actionable and scalable insights. This fusion of cutting-edge technologies and data analysis equips businesses with critical analysis necessary to drive growth and maintain a competitive edge.

"Utilizing our AI accelerator and our geospatial expertise, we are able to significantly reduce operational risks for transportation enterprises," states Andrew Montgomery, Object Computing's Director of Products and Innovation. “Other innovative use cases include applications that measure carbon emissions and data analytics solutions that improve safety and prevent operational interruptions.”

Asterisms’ application platform can be tailored to meet specific business needs across a wide range of industries including sustainability, agriculture, transportation, finance, and healthcare.

To learn more about Asterisms, visit asterisms.io.

About Object Computing, Inc.: Object Computing is a modern consulting company that takes businesses from insights to outcomes using breakthrough technology. Our team has unmatched expertise in building solutions using today's leading-edge technologies, including AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Cloud. As one of the pioneers of enterprise open source solutions, we strategically integrate best-in-class technologies into enterprise solutions to deliver impactful digital capabilities that enable scalability, reusability, security, and quality. To learn more, visit objectcomputing.com