Object Computing Celebrates Over 30 Years of Innovation

ST. LOUIS, MAY 12, 2023 – In 1993, Ebrahim Moshiri, Ph.D., founded Object Computing, Inc., with the mission of advancing object oriented (OO) and open standards-based technologies. In collaboration with Washington University in St. Louis’ Center for the Application of Information Technology (CAIT), Object Computing provided the technical oversight and curriculum design and development for most of CAIT’s professional certification tracks. 

Over the next year, Object Computing began serving enterprise and government clients in designing, engineering and supporting advanced engineering systems. As its first engagement, Object Computing designed, engineered and launched the first global cellular telephone network for Motorola. Known as Iridium®, the network of 66 satellites was built using an OO network programming toolkit that facilitates the performance of common communication software tasks across a range of platforms. Object Computing’s team continues to serve the Iridium project to this day.

Object Computing’s client list expanded to include several Fortune 500 companies and clients across the globe with a focus on building sophisticated technology systems that bridge and balance legacy systems with emerging and open source technologies. 

“For 30 years, our success is a tribute to Ebrahim's courageous vision and pure heart, along with the incredible talent, hard work, and devotion of our growing team,” said President and COO Gina Bremehr. “From the beginning, our culture has centered around collaboration, innovation, and uplifting our global communities. That culture drives our dedication to creating tremendous value and impact for our people, clients, and the communities we serve.”

Object Computing continues to advance its core vision of creating innovative, accessible, and impactful systems. In 2022, Object Computing partnered with the HBAR Foundation in 2022 to incubate Tolam Earth, a digital marketplace enabling buyers and sellers to transact in voluntary carbon markets.

This year, Object Computing launched Asterisms™, a platform that accelerates the development of custom business applications. Asterisms integrates proprietary technologies with Object Computing’s technical and industry expertise to accelerate delivery of data-rich applications.

“Enterprises today continue to rely on technology to reduce operating costs, meet sustainability goals, and adapt to market and regulatory changes,” said CEO Bob Elfanbaum. “The deep expertise of our people, coupled with Asterisms, is a game-changer for enterprises seeking to accelerate data-driven outcomes.”

Asterisms is being utilized to cost-effectively deliver for proof of concepts and other enterprise projects nationwide.

About Object Computing, Inc.

Object Computing is a modern consulting company that takes businesses from insights to outcomes using breakthrough technology. Our team has unmatched expertise in building solutions using today's leading-edge technologies, including Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Cloud, Security, Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain. As pioneers of enterprise open source solutions, we strategically integrate best-in-class technologies into enterprise solutions to deliver impactful digital capabilities that enable scalability, reusability, security, and quality. To learn more, visit objectcomputing.com.