Object Computing Unveils Quick Start Workshops to Help Businesses Embark on AI Journey

ST. LOUIS, OCTOBER 3, 2023 – Object Computing, Inc., announced the launch of its new Quick Start Workshops, the first of which are centered around AI. These workshops are designed to help businesses to launch or advance their AI strategies quickly and efficiently.

“We recognize that many businesses are feeling the urgency to either adapt or improve their business models with AI,” said Andrew Montgomery, vice president of strategy at Object Computing. “Our Quick Start Workshops are designed to empower businesses to rapidly evaluate requirements, pinpoint a suitable use case, and formulate a strategic architecture plan in 1-2 days.”

The 1-2 day Quick Start Workshops help businesses to:

  • Learn how to deploy AI for improved decision making, streamlined operations, and competitive advantage.

  • Explore and experience how AI technologies accelerate insights for the company’s needs.

  • Develop a clear roadmap to effectively reach specific AI goals and objectives.

The workshops are led by thought leaders, strategists, and technologists who will guide customers through their strategy and architecture challenges. The approach creates internal alignment for organizations and provides prescriptive next steps, from strategy discussion to operationalizing architecture.

Quick Start Workshops are designed for decision makers, executives, senior leaders of lines of business, product managers, and technology leaders. Prior experience with AI is not necessary, however, businesses should have a defined business problem they are seeking to solve and openness to discuss how AI can help solve it.

Object Computing’s Yaqi Chen, PhD, principal data scientist and lead developer of the AI workshops, brings a decade of experience developing AI solutions for businesses in industries including financial services, healthcare, and agriculture.

"We're elated to assist enterprise businesses at any point in their AI journey,” Chen said. “Our Quick Start Workshops serve as the ideal catalyst for businesses to swiftly overcome hurdles and attain their desired outcomes."

For information, visit objectcomputing.com/services/quick-start-workshops.

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