Grails Consulting & Commercial Support

Take your software development projects to the next level with commercial Grails® support and consulting services provided by the Object Computing core Grails development team. Click the button below to see pricing options. Grails Support

Hourly Support Packages

Enjoy expert consulting and engineering support on your schedule with our flexible, ad-hoc support model.

Code review

Members of the core Grails team review source code and architecture to validate that best practices are being used, identify potential problem areas, and identify optimization opportunities.


Our team of Grails experts helps you build efficient, reliable, and scalable systems.


Our depth with the Framework enables us to get to the root cause of issues related to the technology.


Our team of Grails experts is available for training and mentoring engagements to help your team capitalize on the Framework's potential.

Just looking for a comprehensive training package? Check out our Grails Training Jumpstart!

Select a plan that fits your budget, and we’ll do the rest!

Pay As You Go
$250 per hour
Support Packages
10% Discount
Support Packages
15% Discount
Support Packages
25% Discount

More Support Options

Up to 24/7 Custom Commercial Support

Expert consulting and engineering support on your schedule; complete projects faster and more efficiently with as much or as little assistance as you require, and pay only for the hours you use.

Migration Support

Efficiently adopt the newest iteration of the Grails framework, whether you're upgrading from an older version or migrating to the Grails framework from other technologies. Engage our engineers to help your internal team make the transition, or let us manage the migration from start to finish, so you can stay focused on other business.

Team Augmentation

Easily address team bandwidth issues by engaging our engineers to work alongside your team as embedded experts. Turn over entire projects, or let us maintain or advance development efforts while your team remains engaged in priority activities.

Whole Project Outsourcing

We offer advanced expertise in customizing and enhancing the Grails framework and can work alongside your team as you deploy and maintain Grails projects.

Our engineering teams work together to provide you with clear estimates, schedules, and projections, pulling from our suite of services, including front-end development, UI/UX, cloud solutions engineering, and more, as needed.

Accelerate your project with our team of architects and engineers, who developed the framework and have spent their careers maturing it. We can also help with: 

  • Architecture and design review
  • Rapid prototyping, troubleshooting, and debugging
  • Feature and application development
  • Custom enhancement of features and functionality 
  • Integration assistance and support
  • and more!

Technical Resources

Everything you need to get started building your own applications with the Grails framework!

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