OpenDDS Industry Solutions

OpenDDS Middleware

The secure and scalable framework that's connecting and powering next-generation systems.

IoT & Smart Home Systems

Place data-transfer speed, accuracy, and security at center stage, and offer customers more reliable and robust smart home systems while simultaneously reducing your annual cloud spend.

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Aerospace & Defense

Facilitate real-time communication between applications, devices, and other mission-critical systems, while maintaining maximum user control and reliable, end-to-end security.

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Mining Operations

Gain actionable insights, enable greater recovery, reduce waste, and optimize operations with modern, high-performance systems that deliver accurate, real-time data in demanding environments.

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Autonomous Vehicles

Reimagine modern transportation with smarter, more capable, and more sustainable vehicles that meet critical safety and security requirements for an autonomous future.

Industrial Automation and Robotics

Develop reliable, responsive, and maintainable systems that adapt easily to new requirements with communications technology designed to support an open architecture and simplify the troubleshooting and system maintenance of modern robotics systems.