We offer a variety of products, accelerators, and approaches that improve business outcomes and get you to market faster, with a true edge over your competition.

Open Source Innovation

With these powerful Open Source products, we help companies exchange burdensome legacy systems for lightweight, interoperable, and extensible solutions that reduce or eliminate technical debt.

Meet Alyce, the next-generation AI accelerator

The Next Generation AI Accelerator

Alyce was developed in Object Computing’s Innovation Lab to help companies rapidly scale insights that unlock transformative business value.

Meet Alyce

Reimagine What's Possible for Your Business

Strategy & Consulting

Discover new possibilities with cross-industry expertise and guidance from our team of technologists, strategists, and architects. We offer decades of experience streamlining operations, accelerating innovation, and delighting consumers, while enabling a more profitable future for our clients.

Digital Transformation

Reimagine innovation, not as a destination, but as a journey toward profitable new horizons. The possibilities for growth are endless with solutions fueled by today's technology. We’ll help you uncover new ways to apply solutions in unconventional ways, while demonstrating value along the way.

Software Architecture & Development

Trust a team that works with you – not for you. When you partner with us, you engage a team of strategists, architects, and engineers who recognize and appreciate the essential nature of collaboration.

Technology Training

Keep your team on the cutting edge with our flexible training offerings. Quickly bring your engineers up to speed with today's technologies, and empower your organization  to confidently build and support tomorrow's transformational technologies.